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Mae Mai Muay Thai - Kamae Kham Sao

Kamae Kham Sao
Wording description :
Kamae = A word call Cambodian prople
Kham = To prop
Sao = A pillar

The name of Mae Mai Muay Thai describes the action when a Cambodian use an arm to prop a pillar. As Thailand has the history associated with Cambodia as well as people also has a very close relationship so we can see many of Mae Mai Muay Thai name use the term to describe people in neighborhood countries.

Mae Mai Muay Thai - Kamae Kham Sao
Kamae Kham Sao This is the technique that boxer use to protect boxer from punch attack. The picture illustrates when attacker take punch attack, then the defensive bend down to escape form the punch, meanwhile use palm push o the attacker’s chin to respond. This technique only exists in Muay Boran training because in modern Muay Thai competition boxers have to wear gloves. However, this technique has been applied when boxer clinching, they can use palm push on opponent’s face or chin to escape from knee attack.

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